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It all started when...

Have you ever been somewhere and you take notice of all your senses and the feeling erupting from that very moment? My husband, Scott, and I were walking around the outdoor shopping & living community of Avalon in Alpharetta when I had this feeling of connection; connection to my husband, my community and nature.  I was enamored with the lights, action and excitement. At that moment, I started to envision An Evening at Jeni’s.  The light from the store fronts cast a warm glow on the people, the reflections of the lighted trees created a special ambiance and the people enjoying their ice cream connected us all.

This painting became my first opportunity to share my vision as an artist.  I had been taking art classes for a few years but I was nervous about starting on my own. I created a small 10x10 of this piece as a study.  Then I went to a workshop and created a 12x12 of this same image, working out my vision for it and taking baby steps forward.  Finally, after 2 years of experimenting with this image, I had it drawn on my 30x30 canvas and I was ready to begin. This is my first original work that I created in my Discovering Beauty in Connection series. I hope you love it and can imagine yourself having a lovely evening surrounded by your community and enjoying An Evening at Jeni’s!

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