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The Frosting on Top!

Aunt Sandy may be the sweetest woman that I know. She doesn't have children of her own, so she pours extra love and heaps of kindness on me and my cousins. We had great fun teasing Aunt Sandy and basking in her affection.

Aunt Sandy has an immaculate home with beautiful crystal chandeliers and lovely collectibles so we would tease her about having a rowdy girls night sleepover at her house. We would laugh and talk about all the things we would get into if we ever had the sleepover. It never happened but, she would make a fuss and tell us, “Now girls,…”

She is also rather afraid of snakes and spiders so we may have snuck a few plastic ones into hidden places in her home. After she let out a loud squeak, she would laugh and call us to give us a 'talking to,' we would giggle and promise not to get into trouble anymore…until the next time.

Aunt Sandy is an amazing baker and cake decorator. She has made everyone in the family their birthday cake for as long as I can remember. My kids were sad when we moved out of the area because they would miss getting their special cake!

She remembers everyone's favorite flavor but she always takes the time to call and see if you might like something different this year. I always asked for a white cake but I couldn't decide if I liked the Barbie cake or the ski slope with the teddy bear skier the best so I asked for both of those multiple times!

I spent some time in the summer and a few weekends with Aunt Sandy decorating cakes. Learning to create roses while turning the little hand pedestal was probably the most difficult challenge but she was always patient with me and encouraged me to keep trying.

I value the time my aunt shared with me, she taught me cake decorating and so much more.

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