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Sarah's Sunday Drives - Let's explore!

This week we are going to go on one of my dad’s typical Sunday drives, random back roads that you've never been on before and you won’t know where you’re going until you get there!

We might want to pick a general direction to get started, so let’s head toward Gibbs Gardens. This is a lovely scenic drive on back roads where everyone slows down and you most likely won’t have anyone tailgating you!

A trip to Gibbs Gardens with my grandma and dad. There was a shuttle to take people up the hill to the main gardens and house but my grandma (85) could easily take that hill and I had to keep up!

This beautiful waterfall is at the entrance and there are always fresh planter boxes full of vibrant seasonal foliage lining the bridge.

On our way home, we'll find a stop for dinner. I hope you have enjoyed our travels!

I hope you have enjoyed these afternoons together as much as I have! If you don’t live in the area, come for a visit, and we’ll see some of these wonderful places together.

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